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Security threats are constantly evolving, and compliance requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Organizations large and small must create a comprehensive security program to cover both challenges. Without a security policy, it is impossible to coordinate and enforce a security program across an organization, nor is it possible to communicate security measures to third parties and external auditors.

According to the research performed by CompTIA, 26% of the large organizations, 20% of the mid-size organization, and 17% of small businesses make heavy use of security metrics. The same research says that the Cybersecurity market has recorded a growth of 10.2% in 2018 and has a revenue of $91.4 billion.

Following on from the recent HSE cyber security attack and the ongoing fallout from this event many companies are anxious to review and update their own cyber security policies and infrastructure.


91% of cyber attacks start with phishing with a staggering 81% of companies reporting that they have been targeted by phishing HFWestern can help you mitigate this very real threat to your business. 

HFWestern will constantly monitor your network 24/7 for breaches our next gen antivirus will protect your bunsiness from ransomware to botnets and everything in between, with complete cross layered detection and response for endpoints, IoT, and cloud.

If you would like to know more about this essential component of your companies digital transformation contact us today.

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